Welcome to Wessex Babywearing

Babies were born to be carried. They thrive on cuddles and closeness with their parents for not only for warmth but to fulfil and essential need of all humans, that of social contact. The questions is, how do we reconcile that with all the demands of a busy modern life?

The answer lies in looking back to how our forebears managed. With no vacuum, washing machine, car, running water how did they get dinner on the table, get the cave clean or prevent wild animals from eating their other children?

Baby wearing!

Of course, things have moved on from tying a rag round yourself and your child and that’s where Wessex Babywearing comes in. I can guide you through the maze of choices available to the modern parent to ensure we provide the best possible outcome for you, your child, and your lifestyle.

I look forward to talking to you soon!

Lucie Mann.

Trageschule UK Advanced course Trained 2012

Insured and member of BABI.      


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