Workshops are the most fun (and my personal favourite!) way to learn how to carry your baby. Round up a group of like-minded friends, pop the kettle on, crack open the choccy biccies and learn a useful skill in a friendly, supportive environment.

I run a variety of workshops based on the needs of your group:-

Wrap Your Newborn

An introduction to babywearing. This workshop is designed to cover in detail why we wear our babies and the benefits for both baby and parent. This session briefly covers the various different  types of carriers available, moving on to an in depth look at carries more tailored to babies up to 6 months. As a gr0up, you will then be able to choose which particular carries you wish to concentrate on practicing. You will get to practise with Oscar, our demo doll, and then with your baby.

Introduction to Babywearing

A more general course, designed for those curious about babywearing and bewildered by google! This session will include a brief history of babywearing, the various different types of carrier available and their pros and cons, and some of the science and principles of babywearing.

Wrapping Your Wriggler

Designed for those whose babies are getting more mobile, this sessions covers the types of carriers suitable for older, heavier babies and children including woven wraps, soft structured carriers, ring slings and front, back and hip carrying methods appropriate to each carrier. To get the best from your time, it is recommended that you choose up to three carrier/carry combinations to concentrate on in detail.

Bespoke Workshops

I am happy to design a workshop based around the needs of your particular group. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements

General Details

Maximum five active participants

Time  – 2 hours.

£20 per person.

Date and time to be arranged to suit; please email for more details.

As with consultations, you are welcome to invite a partner, friend or family member to supervise your baby so you can concentrate on learning, however time constraints mean that only those booked on the course will be able to practise with the slings.

To enable these workshops to take place in your town, one person will need to provide a venue. The ideal for this is a large living room. For workshops in your own home, the host or hostess will be charged half price (free if we have a full course)

If you do not know anyone else who would like to do the course, please still get in touch and I will do my best to  find others near you.

Workshops can be booked ante as well as postnatally!

Sling hire charges are currently set at £5 per month, in line with Ringwood Sling Library.


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